wonderstruck; hi i'm ellie and i'd write a witty taylor swift pun or comment here but i can't really think of one.

We were both young when I first saw you...

Ellie Goulding | Beating Heart

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your blog is perf and so are you

as are you, my friend, as are you


You know a girl is mad when she starts off her sentence saying “I just find it funny how ” because there’s a 99.9% chance she did not find it funny.

favorite singles (1/?);

everything was changed - taylor swift ft ed sheeran

Surprising Gena. (x)


Someday I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us

"It just comes back in flashes, you know? It’s like a kaleidoscope of memories, it just all comes back. But he never does."

It’s the first kiss, it’s flawless, really something… It’s fearless.

Surprising Gena. (x)